Posted by: jeanhall | April 23, 2014

H.R. 3370 Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act.

This bill was signed into law by the President on March 21, 2014. This law repeals FEMA’s authority to increase premium rates at a time of sale or new flood map, and refunds the excessive premium to those who brought a property before FEMA warned them of the rate increase. The bill limits premium increases to 18% annually on newer properties and 25% for some older ones. Additionally, the bill adds a small assessment on policies until everyone is paying full costs for flood insurance.

For detailed information Google H.R. 3370 for the complete bill.


Posted by: jeanhall | April 23, 2014

Fraud Warning Flags

Be careful if you:

  1. Are being asked to pay cash.
  2. Are requested to pay for something “on the side”, “outside of escrow” or “after closing”.
  3. Are asked to pay a real estate agent directly, or are asked to pay up front fees.
  4. Are dealing with unlicensed agents or unlicensed brokerage companies.
  5. Are offered a “forensic loan audit”.
  6. Are dealing with “attorney-backed” business or law offices that refuse to provide attorney name or State Bar number.
  7. Programs and companies that claim to represent Federal or State agencies or programs.
  8. Meet with sales people that fail to provide possible risks along with possible rewards. All investments carry a risk.
  9. Are asked to lend personal funds to an investment plan secured only by a personal note, or otherwise unsecured.
  10. Are asked to transfer title.
  11. Are encouraged to make payments to someone other than your servicer.

For more information contact the Bureau of Real Estate:




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